Understanding ‘Base Glory’

What is best in Warhammer Underworlds? ‘To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, to hear the lamentations…’ Conan, please sit down. The best thing in Warhammer Underworlds is to score more glory that your opponent. That’s it.

When designing your deck, you should always think about whether your creation has the potential to outscore your opponent. If your deck does not have enough gas in the tank, you might have lost the game before the first board is even placed.

This is where we come to the idea of ‘base glory’. It describes the amount of glory your deck can accumulate without needing to kill any enemy fighters. Basically, what can your fighters score if they never have the chance to roll any attack dice (or those dice simply fail)?

Base glory is an important concept, because it often determines the consistency and reliability of your objective deck. Sure, we have all had games when the dice are hot and we score a ton of glory through kills, but eliminating the enemy isn’t a reliable strategy in the long-run – especially in a tournament setting. Those lucky streaks won’t last forever and the dice will eventually let you down.

Ask yourself how you are going win if your opponent simply refuses to engage and stands on the opposite side of the board? Do you have a plan?

In the competitive Warhammer Underworlds scene, the best players prepare for failure and unfavorable board deployment. They run decks that have the potential to win, even in the worst of situations. This means building a deck that has a decent glory base and still come out on top when all seems lost.

So, let’s take a look at how base glory works in a sample Cursebreakers deck:

  • ‘Harness the Storm’ – One glory for casting a spell. Easy.
  • ‘Fired Up’ – Cast a spell, get inspired, score a glory.
  • ‘Shining Example’ – The leader casts a spell, inspires, wins glory.
  • ‘Magical Supremacy’ – Cast two spells, get a glory.
  • ‘Calculated Risk’ – Move through a lethal hex for one glory.
  • ‘Escalation’ – Three upgrades in a turn for two glory.
  • ‘Superior Tactician’ – Score six objectives during the game for three glory.

From these cards, we can see the Cursebreakers have a very high base glory count and can potentially score ten glory just by casting spells, inspiring and making upgrades. This is a very solid foundation for a competitive deck. And remember, they still have the opportunity to score even more glory from additional objective cards, kills and upgrades like ‘Tome of Offerings’.

We need to take base glory into count when building a deck to beat the Cursebreakers. Ideally, we want to have a base glory count of more than ten, so that we can keep pace with the Cursebreaker’s scoring and hopefully overtake them by the end of the game. Otherwise, we are relying on kills to do the heavy-lifting. And as we all know, the dice-gods are not always on our side.

So, next time you are building a deck, don’t forget about base glory. Do you have enough reliable objective cards to overcome bad dice rolls and ‘unfair’ board deployment? If not, what’s your plan for winning?

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