Theory Crafting: Glorious Gitz

Scoring glory consistently is the mark of a good Warhammer Underworlds deck. This is what makes the Gitz a viable contender for a meta-dominating warband. They simply score objectives more consistently than perhaps any other warband.

The Gitz have access to so many easy to score objective cards that they are a virtual glory machine. Many of these are very difficult for the opponent to prevent, meaning that the Gitz can grind out steady glory every turn. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Keep Them Guessing – Possible to score in only two activations. You just need to Charge, Scurry, Move and follow this up with a ranged/melee Attack. Easy two glory.
  • Calculated Risk – With large numbers of fighters, there should always be someone available to score this.
  • Martyred – Your Gitz will most likely fall to an enemy attack. If they don’t, you can run them through a lethal hex and do it yourself.
  • Well Guarded – With careful placement of the Squig Herder, you can set this up to score on turn one without moving.
  • Change of Tactics – Plenty of ranged fighters with 3/4 movement. The Gitz benefit greatly from going on Guard, as it can give them two dice with shields and dodges. Good synergy with Keep them Guessing.
  • Fired Up – The Gitz automatically inspire after earning three glory, even during the end phase. Snirk can inspire for free after any activation in a round.
  • Escalation – Build on you initial glory gains or use your opponent’s kills and upgrades against them.
  • Superior Tactician – Almost certain to score as long as you don’t draw it in your starting hand. Even then, it’s not impossible.

These eight objective cards give the Gitz the ability to score 12 easy glory – without killing a single enemy fighter!

This leaves us with four objective cards to round out the deck. There are plenty to choose from, but here are my suggestions:

  • Shining Example – Your leader is highly likely to be inspired early in the game.
  • Concerted Attack – Three attack actions against the same target for one immediate glory. With plenty of ranged fighters, this isn’t too difficult.
  • Catching Up – If you lose some fighters during the round, then this lets you recover. Be sure to score this objective first in the end phase then follow it up with the big hitters.
  • Solid Gains – Earn at least three glory in a round (including the end phase). Not too difficult when you add in glory from gambits.

So, with a dream draw, the Gitz can get through their entire deck and score a total of 16 glory without needing any kills. Not too shabby.

But wait…there’s more!

We can add in some cheeky gambit cards to increase our overall glory haul and enable the Gitz to inspire faster. These gambits push the deck into the magical 18+ glory territory that tends to win competitive matches:

  • Sacrificial Pawn – Kill one of your own Gitz in a lethal hex for a free glory. Combine with Martyred for additional fun.
  • Daylight Robbery – Take that glory back from your opponent. For maximum rage, play after they make a kill and score ‘Strong Start’.
  • ‘Anticipation’ – Predict what objective your opponent will score in the end phase and gain a glory. Escalation is usually a safe-bet.
  • ‘Momentary Madness’ – Make the Sky Dwarves shoot each other. Bonus points if you make them trigger ‘Potion of Rage’ first.
  • ‘Tome of Glories’ – Stand on an objective and activate for glory.
  • ‘Crown of Avarice’ – Place on a priority target, such as your leader, to mitigate your loses.

Finally, we can add in some end phase upgrades, like ‘Destiny to Meet’, ‘Slumbering Key’ or ‘Hero’s Mantle’. Possibly, some of the regular ‘Keys’ too. Alternatively, we can replace ‘Superior Tactician’ with ‘Acolyte of the Katophranes’ and throw in some more ‘Tomes’. Regardless of what we do, we are looking at 20+ overall glory in a game – without needing any of our fighters to make a successful attack.

With all this potential for easy glory, what’s holding the Gitz back? Well, it’s the possibility that your opponent could farm lots of low health fighters and outscore you by the end of the game. This is especially a problem with ‘Tome of Offerings’ featuring so heavily in the meta at the moment. That said, the ball is really in their court, and if you make some decent defense rolls, the game should be yours.

Or you could just include ‘Rebound’.

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